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Sparrow EGU 2021 presentation

Daven Quinn

Daven Quinn

Sparrow project scientist

Sparrow will be featured in this week's virtual European Geosciences Union session, Managing Geochemical Data from Field to Lab to Publication to Archive. Our contribution, Implementing the Sparrow laboratory data system in multiple subdomains of geochronology and geochemistry, will showcase efforts to implement a common data overlay on the archives of labs specializing in fields including thermochronology, radiocarbon/AMS, detrital zircon U-Pb, cosmogenic nuclides, and SIMS.

We are also participating in a contribution Linking data systems into a collaborative pipeline for geochemical data from field to archive led by Kirsten Lehnert of LDEO and EarthChem, which envisions Sparrow as a potential contributor to an interoperable set of data systems spanning the entire lifecycle of geoscience sample data.