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Command-line interface

Sparrow is administered using the sparrow command-line interface. This command wraps application management, database management, and docker-compose orchestration subcommands in a single executable, simplifying basic management tasks.

Usage: sparrow [options] <command> [args]...
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Command groups:
db Manage the sparrow database
test Run sparrow's test suite
docs Manage sparrow's documentation
dev Helper commands for development
config Print configuration of backend
create-user Create an authorized user for the web...
create-views Recreate views only (without building rest of...
import-earthchem Import EarthChem vocabulary files
import-pychron Import PyChron Interpreted Age files.
init Initialize database schema (non-destructive)
plugins Print a list of enabled plugins
remove-audit-trail Remove PGMemento audit trail
shell Get a Python shell within the application
show-interface Show the import interface for a database...
update-location-names Update location names
Container management:
compose Alias to docker-compose that respects
sparrow config
build Build Sparrow Docker images
create-test-lab Create a configuration directory for a test...
shell Get an iPython or container shell
up Bring up the application and start logs
psql Get a psql session to the database
monitor Run a monitor
down Simple wrapper for docker-compose down
printenv Print sparrow environment variables to a
exec Quick shortcut to docker-compose exec
status Get the status of the running Sparrow instance.
kill Like sparrow down, but for people in a
test-runtime Run tests for Sparrow