EarthCube Geochronology 2020 workshop

Daven Quinn, Ben Linzmeier, and the EarthCube Geochronology team

December 15, 2020

This page compiles resources from the EarthCube Sparrow 2020 workshop. The workshop circular lays out the meeting’s motivation and structure.


The workshop was held from October 21-23, 2020 (the week before GSA 2020). It was originally planned to occur in Montreal, but instead moved to Zoom and Slack, which allowed a partially asynchronous meeting. The workshop’s schedule is published here1.

Recorded presentations

The first day of the workshop, October 21st 2020, consisted of talks to overview the Sparrow system, its community context, and the progress of implementing it into labs. The recorded presentations are available here.

  1. The original Google Doc can be found here.↩︎