Server Configuration

Sparrow is configured using environment variables. Here are a few of the most important ones:

  • SPARROW_SECRET_KEY="very secret string": A secret key used for management of passwords. Set this in your LOCAL environment (it will be copied to the Docker runtime as needed). It is the only variable required to run a basic test application.
  • SPARROW_BACKEND_CONFIG="<path>": Location of .cfg files containing data.
  • The frontend is confugured using the variables SPARROW_SITE_CONTENT and SPARROW_BASE_URL. These values replace the former function of the SPARROW_CONFIG_JSON file.
  • The SPARROW_ENV=<development,production> environment variable defaults to production, which disable development-focused features such as live code reloading and sourcemaps for performance and security.

More detailed configurations can be set by directly using docker-compose environment variables.