Create a Lab Instance

Once you have the command line running as show in Getting started, the next thing to do is to create a project folder for your instance of sparrow. Your project folder will house all your sparrow plugin code, both frontend and backend. It will also house your configuration file that needs to contain environmental variables specific to your lab instance.

The quickest way to do this is to run sparrow create-test-lab. This built in command line function will auto-generate the correct folder and file structure needed. It should generate a folder and file tree similar to the following.

| | __backend-plugins
| | | ____init.py__
| | __frontend-plugins
| | | __index.js
| | |
| | __site-content
| | | __index.js
| |

This is the perfect base to begin making your own customizations to your lab instance. Begin by editing some of the default content in the autogenerated files.


  • sparrow create-test-lab: autogenerates the file hierarchy for a project directory.